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Well-Mamas Tribe Support Group

The art of intentional self care.

We dedicate a whole group to self-care because it’s the one thing we mamas need most. Mothering is often all about caring for others, this requires you to be emotionally, physically and mentally available. Which is why you need time to recover. Self-care is not selfish. Taking time for yourself, to nourish and care for your mind, body & soul, is the best thing you can do for you & your family.

The focus of our mama wellness support group is encouraging real and sustainable self-care practices to support the many roles we have as modern women. We offer a warm and inviting space to share stories where group leaders provide immediate emotional support to navigate real motherhood experiences.

Our support group is semi-structured, meaning we present weekly topics that address motherhood experiences while also holding space for personal needs of individuals and group members.

Group meetings are provided bi-weekly for 1 hour over a series of 6 total meetings. Our hope is that mamas will begin and end a group series with each other encouraging and fostering mama relationships. Weekly topics address experiences that can be influenced by popular culture, society, technology, partner relationships, careers, baby/child development and parenting.

Later Event: January 13
Well-Mama Therapy Group